Empower Youth to Code

New Digital Literacy

Coding is the new digital literacy that will allow kids to thrive in the emerging markets

Endless Possibilities

Coding allows people to move from consuming to creating technology

Change The World

Coding allows people to create creative solutions for new world problems

About Us

We’re a group of individuals that are committed to helping kids learn new ways of solving problems through coding. As coding becomes the new digital literacy, our programs are designed to help kids learn these new technologies and be able to use them to succeed in their futures. Our team is made up of highly knowledgeable and passionate tinkers and makers who have proven their expertise in coding. Each class is designed to maximize and help kids build their confidence with coding in a fun and engaging way. We’re happy to chat with you about any coding questions or program related questions

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Coding Projects For Kids Smart Coding for Kids

Coding Projects For Kids

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Weekends are the perfect time to creatively pick up a skill. It can be very easy to spend time in front of the TV or play video games all day. Instead, you can involve your kids in flexing their brains and getting creative, while investing in their future at the same time. Engaging your kids […]

The CodeyBot Reviewed

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The CodeyBot is a robot with wheels. It was launched as an experiment to entertain kids while teaching them programming skills. Here, we will review this robot and tell you whether it’s worth investing in one of these. The market is flooded with a wide range of educational robots and the CodeyBot is one of […]

3 Simple Arduino Projects for Kids

3 Simple Arduino Projects for Kids

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If you are reading this blog, you probably know what an Arduino is. Even if you don’t, but would like your kids to learn to code, an Arduino kit is definitely something that you should invest in. It’s an electronic board that lets you (and your kids) build your electronics easily without the use of […]