10 Top Tech Firms You Should Know About 

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Technology is advancing faster than anyone ever imagined and the reason behind that is tech companies. There are thousands of tech companies, and the best of them are seeing an enormous profit. You can see innovative solutions coming up everyday and making our lives better.  

The top tier companies are setting the mark for others and proving to be more creative than their competitors. Along with employing millions, they are taking huge steps forward each day. 

Here are the top tech firms today.  


It shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone to find this company at the top of the list. Apple set its platform with its high-end products—that the world looks forward to at every launch. With a revenue of $182 billion, Apple comes up with the most innovative products that you can find.  


The best online retailer today invents and uses the best technology. They also have many independent projects that they work on. This is one company that you can count on to bring something out of the box to the table.  


This is one of the oldest companies on the list that has managed to stay at the top by coming up with new technology once in every few years. Watson is a groundbreaking invention, and all the credit goes to IBM.  


This giant tech firm is a dream company for most tech-savvy individuals. Google is constantly coming up with the most creative solutions. And the employee benefits there are as good as they get. Google had captured most of the Internet, and now they are racing to capture the mobile market as well.  


Everyone is on Facebook now. All thanks to the captivating user experience rendered by this company. It has gone past the initial stages where people used it only to connect. Today, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools.  


The technology used here is right to provide a pleasant stay for travelers. The online space offers stays in verified properties at different price ranges.  

Hewlett Packard  

This multinational tech firm makes computers, printers,  and software. They have also branched out to making software for businesses.  


They have been making lives a lot easier for decades now. With most of the world depending on Windows, this is a company that is sure to remain at the top for several more years.  


Again on this list is another company that has used technology to make our lives a lot easier. Uber is an ever-expanding company that has presence in almost every country. Commuting is a lot easier when it’s in an app on your phone.  


Dell, among its efforts to keep up with moving technologies, is one of the first few to ban the export of electronic waste. Known for their high-end electronics—including laptops and hard drives, they are one of the top tech firms today.  

These ten companies are few of the top companies today. They are responsible for the developments you see around everyday.  

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