Here Are 4 Kids Who Have Mastered The Art Of Inventing Digital Apps – How To Code

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The best part about the Internet is that it doesn’t let geographical and national barriers prevent people from entering the tech industry. That is the scenario for these four young stars who taught themselves how to code, and created amazing digital apps. 

The following are four young coders who’ve developed some great apps; these include games, as well as apps that can solve everyday problems.  

Michael Sayman  

This seventeen-year-old became famous when he appeared in Facebook’s annual conference. Michael is the creator of the app 4 Snaps—a word game that lets players take pictures to make other players guess a word. 

After this app had become popular, Michael propelled his way into Facebook as an intern. He learned to code at the age of 12, and was inspired when he saw his sister sending pictures to a friend, to guess a word.  

This led him to create this amazing game, and here’s the best part: the earnings he got from the app helped his family survive the recession of 2012.  

Ethan Duggan  

Ethan was just 13 years old when he was first inspired to create his app. He saw his mother trying different outfits, and after complementing every outfit, Ethan recorded a few of the phrases he said and played them back.  

And this is where the idea for the app LazyHusband was born. This app lets husbands answer tough questions by their partners. Ethan did not stop there. He created two new apps—LazyWife and LazyKid, which has a lot of answers that are helpful to wives and kids.  

Julian Wyzykowski  

Julian is just like every other kid out there. He likes video games.  

In fact, this 16-year-old liked games too much, and got into the gaming business by developing them. As of now, he has his own company by the name of Combustible Games and has created eight apps and games for mobiles.  

Julian is not done yet—he is currently working on developing new apps and games.  

Arjun SantoshKumar 

Arjun made heads turn when he made an entry into the MIT App Inventor Contest in 2012. Born in India, he took home the first place under the grade school category of the international contest.  

Arjun’s app, Ez School Bus Locator,  is made for parents whose kids go to school every day on the school bus. Parents are informed of the location of the bus. The app also calculates when the bus gets home. Arjun has also created an app named iSafeguard, that focuses on the safety of women.  

Coding is something that is useful in our day to day lives. If your children are fascinated by computers, give them the right kind of encouragement and support. Once you introduce them to the world of coding, they are sure to succeed.  

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