5 Most Downloaded Apps – How many do you have downloaded?  

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Did you know that 8 out of 10 apps in your smartphone are made by Google and Facebook?  

There are loads of apps that are available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. If you just bought a smartphone, then it can be hard for you to choose the right set of applications for you.  

That is why we have made a list that includes some of the best and most downloaded apps for the smart phone. Read on to know more!  


Owned by Facebook, this chat application is used by a lot of people worldwide. The best part about WhatsApp is that it is free, and you can send unlimited texts with just a mobile data or a Wifi connection. The reason why it is one of the most downloaded apps is that a lot of people do not have a mobile plan that can be used worldwide. With WhatsApp they can send messages, photos, videos, voice notes, to anyone in the world who has a smartphone and an internet connection.  

WhatsApp is constantly updating its features and the latest update includes the option to make video/calls online and share live locations. If you have just bought a smartphone, then WhatsApp should be the first app that you must install.   


There are a lot of folks out there who love to spend time on Facebook. In the initial launch phase of the social media platform, there was no app for Facebook. After the website’s growing popularity, Facebook launched its own application which has been a huge hit ever since. All the actions that can be done on the website, can be done on the app as well. You can like, share, post, chat etc. on the Facebook app.  


When Instagram was launched, it was exclusive for Apple users. Later on, as the demand for the application skyrocketed, the developers created an application for the Android operating system as well. And also, Instagram is owned by Facebook as well. You can share your photos, stories, and even send messages to users on Instagram. There are a lot of creative people on Instagram who never fail to keep you entertained.  


This is one of the apps in the list that is not owned by Facebook, yet. Snapchat is an application platform that lets you send pictures in a secure manner. You can send disappearing photos that disappear after a preset time, which is specified by the sender. Also, if the receiver takes a screenshot of the snap, the sender gets a notification. So with snapchat folks can send and receive pictures with confidence. The app also lets you post stories that disappear in 24 hours.  


There is a study that suggests that Uber is one of the most preferred reimbursable expenses amongst business travellers. Uber lets you book cabs for rides across the city that you live in. It has its services in almost all top countries and cities as well. The fares that Uber charges for its services are cheaper compared to regular cab rides.  

How many of these do you have  installed?

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