5 Famous Coders Who Made It Big 

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Programmers create and modify software, and so they make a massive contribution to the progress in technology. There are those who completely change our lifestyle for the better—be it through the invention of a programming language or development of an innovative software that makes our lives a lot easier.  

Today we cannot imagine living without using our laptops, smartphones, or the Internet. Many individuals have contributed to their presence in our lives.  

Here are few coders who made it to the big leagues and towards whom we look up to with utmost admiration. Rest assured, they all started small.  

#1 Bill Gates 

There is not one person on earth who is not aware of the wealthiest man on earth. The founder of Microsoft, philanthropist, and investor—is the brain behind the world’s largest computer software company.  

We all extensively use Windows and can’t imagine our lives without it. Apart from having brilliant coding skills, he is always known for his generosity. Despite giving away most of his earnings, he remains to be the wealthiest man on earth.  

#2 Guido Van Rossum 

You must have come across the programming language Python. Millions even use it today. Well, this man is the author of the language. Every update in the language is overseen by this man till today, and will probably be under his wing for the future too.  

He developed Python while working with Google. He is a recognized individual, renowned for his contributions to the software industry.  

#3 Dennis Ritchie 

If you have even had a glance at programming, you would be aware of C programming. This man is the inventor of the most used programming language. This was the one that paved the way for all modern programming languages. Anyone who starts programming begins with this language. It’s simple, and once you get the hang of it, you can do wonders with it.  

He also created the Unix operating system. He is one man that contributed loads to software research and is a well-known name in the field of software.  

#4 Bjarne Stroustrup  

Following the man above, the next most favorite thing in the programming industry is C++.  Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist, is to be credited for this language. 

He is also responsible for evolving the language—starting from the initial definitions to the most recent developments.  

#5 Mark Zuckerberg  

Most of the population is now hooked on his creation,  Facebook. At a very young age, he was actively involved in coding for the social media site. Apart from catching up, Facebook is evolving into a market where several businesses showcase and launch their products. He has definitely made it to the big leagues, considering he remains to be one of the richest men on the earth—despite giving away most of his paycheck to charity.  

From the time it started, Facebook has come a long way and is sure to unveil a lot more in the future.  

These are few of the most popular coders who made it big for their vast contribution to software. They have shown us that coding is essentially a skill that can be used to develop things you cannot imagine.  

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