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From robots that can help you lift heavy objects and do your chores for you, to robots that can clean up nuclear accidents, the development of robotic technologies are increasing rapidly.  

Robots can easily do things that humans cannot do with just few simple commands. They can be used for entertainment, rescue operations, and also testing purposes.  

Here in this article, we’re talking about 5 real robots that exist today.  


It is practically impossible to make a list of impressive robots without mentioning the ASIMO. Developed by Honda robotics, the ASIMO is one of the first robots, that made heads turn. The expansion of ASIMO is Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility.  

The design of the ASIMO resembles a space suit. The ASIMO is capable of walking up and down stairs, pick and drop objects, and also run. The ASIMO has several sensors and can last several hours on a full charge.  

The robot can also perform a lot of tricks like responding to voice commands and synthesizing speech.  


The NAO is quite similar to the ASIMO. It can perform activities like walking and has precise control. It has many degrees of freedom and is a small robot. NAO has a large range of sensors and dexterous hands.  

The best part about NAO is that anyone can write apps to run on the robot, and the software gets smarter as time passes. Here’s a fun fact- NAO is the official platform for the Robocup Robot Soccer Competition.  

The NAO can perform tasks like teaching autistic kids, the art of social skills, and also dance to Gangnam Style.  


From Boston Dynamics, comes the PETMAN, which stands for Protection Ensemble Test MANnequin. Unlike the NAO and ASIMO, the PETMAN is designed exclusively for military purposes. It was designed for testing Hazmat suits for military personnel.  

The robot can perform functions like balancing itself, bending, and walking. It can simulate human physiology like sweating, in order to produce accurate test results.  


The ATLAS is a robot, developed by Boston Dynamics after the success of PETMAN. The ATLAS is a more advanced robot that’s capable of moving through different kinds of terrains and environments.  

The ATLAS was designed by keeping rescue operations like search and rescue as the primary objective. The ATLAS has a glass eye and bulbous head. The sensors of this robot include cameras and rangefinders.  


Announced in 2014 by Aldebaran Robotics, the Pepper is widely recognized one of the first robots to respond to and recognize human emotion. The sensors of this robot include two HD cameras, 3D sensors, and four microphones.  

These sensors can monitor all facial expressions and recognize speech patterns. The robot also comes with a gyroscope in its body. The robot is affordable compared to the other robots, and the was designed with one primary aim-to make humans happy.  

Robots have come a long way with more inroads being made into robotics technology even as you read this. Artificial intelligence goes hand in hand with the mechanics of robot design, and a future with robots as companions is not too far away. 

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