Choosing a Laptop: PC Versus Mac 

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A laptop is a substantial investment to make. Considering that you will be using it for a significant amount of time and work, you need to put a lot of thought into it. Before getting a laptop, the most important decision that you will have to make is choosing between a Mac and PC.  

This being the first decision, the other specifics can be chosen based on your requirements. While several brands in the market make PCs, Macs are only made by Apple. There are excellent brands such as Lenovo, Dell, and HP, that make high-end PCs as well.  

Comparing the two is a great way to arrive at the best possible choice. Here is everything you need to think of, before making your purchase.  


PCs can run on different operating systems, but when it comes to PCs that run on Windows, there are plenty of benefits. It gives you access to stores where you can find almost any software that you might need. Be it for a working professional or a student, Windows allows you access all types of programs. It is also easy to use. Windows is the most common operating system that you will find.  

Mac too has several exciting functionalities that are yet to be achieved by Windows. These are features that are particularly admired by designers. Editing and creating designs is a lot easier on a Mac than any other PC. You can use Microsoft Office, connect to the wireless, and do pretty much everything you will need a laptop for and even more.  


Apple clearly stands out in this aspect. The MacBook models are being updated every year and you’ll find many exciting and stylish designs in the market. PCs have also evolved over the years, and it’s not very difficult to find a sleek model or two here either.  

Both have solid exteriors that are almost equally durable. But what makes a Mac stand out is the status quotient. Owning a Mac shows a certain class that can only be found with a few PCs. A simple Apple logo on your device will drag all attention your way.  


If you want to use a laptop for gaming, PC is the clear option. There are several laptops that are meant for gaming, and support high end graphics. While there are several models of PCs that support gaming, there are just few Macs that do so. If you go for the right processor and graphics card, you can manage to have a smooth gaming experience. 

User Interface 

Both have an excellent user interface as a result of heavy competition over the last few years. Every new feature incorporated in one will reflect one or more new elements in the other. With the focus remaining on creating the best desktop environment, better speech and touch interfaces have been introduced.  


Here is where Mac wins hands down. The probability of a virus attacking your PC is a lot more likely than in a Mac. This advantage with security is a clear-cut decision for those who value this aspect over others. The Mac OS is more secure, and it is more difficult to reach the heart of the system.   

Money’s Worth 

Macs are a lot pricier than PCs. It all boils down to your requirement and budget. A Mac is essentially a high-powered machine and the perfect gadget for programmers and designers. For a person who needs a gadget for its basic functionality, a PC is the ideal fit. There are a large number of options to choose from when it comes to buying a PC. However, if you do have a big budget allotted for your laptop, there is no harm in investing on a Mac.  

There are several pros and cons for both Mac and PC. Having an overview of both keeps you in a better position to make the right decision at the end of the day.  

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