Dash and Dot Robots: A Review

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Dash and Dot Robots: A Review

Coding becomes fun for kids when it’s accompanied by robots. The Dash and Dot robot pair is one such pair and they inspire your kids to code and have fun at the same time.

Learning code has become an integral part of today’s curriculum followed in school. Apart from apps that teach your kids about coding, there are also toys and robots for this purpose. It’s important to not limit coding to computers and tablets and make the learning journey fun for your kids. And if you’re thinking along the same lines, you’ll have the Dash and Dot robot pair give your kids company.

Dash and Dot Robots

Dash and Dot are the name of two robots and together they form a pair. Dash is the bigger one and it can move about. Dot, however, is immobile.

Dash is contains a speaker, three microphones, three distance sensors, and four infrared transmitters, along with two robot receivers.

Dash can move and talk as that is what makes it seem alive. It can make a variety of sounds but has a limited vocabulary. You, however, can record your voice to make it say more interesting things! It also reacts to obstacles, besides being able to hear as well.

A Remote to Control the Robots

You’ll need an iOS or Android-supported device to interact with Dash. Use your device’s Bluetooth to connect to Dash.

Make sure the robots are fully charged before you unveil them for your excited kid. Dash has a micro USB port for charging.

Go is the first app that you’ll start with and three more apps will follow. It’s a remote-controlled app and you can use it to make Dash do a lot of things like head tilts, drive around, imitate the sound of an elephant and a car horn, and play comical animations.

Dash has a couple of light-changing LEDs on it and you can change the color of these lights as well.

Suitable for Kids of 5 and Above

Dash and Dot are sold for kids who are 5 years or above. Your kid needs to be a little patient in order to learn how to command Dash, something you can’t expect from someone younger than 5.

Path is another app that lets your child draw a path on the device screen and Dash follows it. Your kid has to drop events along this path in the displayed sequence in order to unlock new events.

These events can be things like simple animations or other actions that will make Dash spin or make simple noises before returning to the path. Once one event is completed, a new set of events is unlocked. Your kid has four maps with different themes to work through.

The challenge for the kid here is to draw a path on the screen and relate it to the real world so that Dash doesn’t crash into the sofa or wall. It’s okay to let your child try this out on his/her own as Dash has an obstacle sensor.

Xylo is another app and this is too marked for kids 5 and above. The final app is Blocky and this is a programming app, suitable for kids eight and above. This involves the coding bit and makes Dash do a lot of things.


Priced at around $300, the Dash and Dot wonder pack makes for a genuinely educational combo. Your kids will love to play with it and it will force them to think out of the box. It also helps in improving their problem-solving skills to a great extent.

The fact that kids love robots make this wonder pack a clear winner amongst them. Learning about programming, science, and math have never been this fun.

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