Everything You Need To Know About Makey Makey Kits 

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The Makey Makey kit is a kit that lets your invent designed for both beginners and experts who are doing art. It enables you to turn your whole world into a keyboard and is very easy to use. 

You can turn everything into touchpads. You can then connect them to the Internet as well. Like a dozen of kiwis is more than a fruit. Each kiwi can be used as a key for a virtual piano. The Makey Makey is a project of Eric Rosenbaum and Jay Silver, both a part of the MIT Media Lab. This 21st-century invention kit allows you to find different creative ways of interacting with the computer by making use of daily objects instead of the mouse and keyboard. Replace the enter key with a banana and make your mouse with play-doh.  

What Exactly Is The Makey Makey Kit? 

This invention kit is a two-sided circuit board, and it comes with six inputs viz. Left, right, up, and down keys along with the mouse left click and space bar.  

All these inputs and the ‘Earth Bar’ are available in the form of connectors. There are alligator clip cables that need to be used to clip into the hole pairs.  

How Does The Makey Makey Kit Work? 

As already mentioned above, the alligator clip objects to the kit, the number of objects should be two, say you and a kiwi. 

As you touch the kiwi, you are making a connection, and in turn, the invention kit sends your computer a keyboard message. For your computer, the Makey Makey kit is the keyboard or the mouse. So, your computer works with all the web pages and programs, as both of these take into the input of the mouse and keyboard.  

On the back of the board, there are 12 more keys that you will have access to, and they are W, A, D, S, G, and F, available on the keyboard side and the mouse keys are available on the mouse side. Along the bottom header, you will come across six ground outputs, and the top header is the output or expansion header. The board also has few LEDs so that you know whether you are pressing a mouse or keyboard key.  

On the backside, some pins act as jump-wire connectors. If you have bought the deluxe kit, you will get the jumper wires inside the box. For others, it needs to be purchased separately.  

Installing The Circuit Board 

All the necessary information about installing the board has been provided inside the box. You will also get ‘how to use it’ information and ‘ideas to help you get started’ information here. Whether you’re using Linux or Windows, you can easily install the board by referring to videos available on the Internet. You will even get project ideas online. 

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