Google Home: A Design That Speaks For Itself

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Google, after all, has the answer to everything!  

The new Google Home is proof of how far they have come in the digital era. We have seen digital assistance implemented by other companies as well. While Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Siri-powered home pad are undeniably good, the Google Home is miles ahead. 

The design is simple and is at the height of 5.6 inches. It is simple to use as well and is the best personalized digital assistant in the market today.   

Technology That Belongs To The Future 

The technology is much more advanced than its competitors in the industry. It has multiple features, is accurate, and has the latest security in the market. Its ability to connect to smart devices makes it a lot more convenient. It is effortless to get used to and can make your life a lot easier.  

Google Home assists a maximum of 6 people in the house. All you have to do is download the app onto your phone and train it to your voice. It manages each person’s calendars and requests individually.  

Google takes care of the security as well. It records and processes all the information when you activate it using your phone. You will see it light up when it is listening. Besides, you also have the option of deleting any previously recorded history. 

Things That Google Home Can Do 

You can expect pretty much everything that you will find with Siri here. Google Home will answer all your questions and do things for you. Once you have it downloaded, you can call people, and it distinguishes your voice while it is at it.  

Get All The Answers 

Google home will tell you about the weather, news, traffic, sports, and a lot more. Google has all the answers, remember? 

Music On Command 

You can get it to play music from Google Play, Spotify, Youtube, and many other music apps on command.  

Your Personal Planner 

It can plan your entire day once it learns about you. You can connect it to your calendar and update it with all your appointments and plans. Once it is familiar with you and your schedule, you can have your days planned keeping in account factors like traffic and weather. 

Connect Your Smart Devices 

Google home can connect to virtually all the smart devices at home. These include Nest, Philips Hue, and Chromecast. You can adjust the lighting or the temperature in every room using this device.  

Apps You Can Use 

Google Home is partnered with many apps to make your life a lot more convenient. You can watch Netflix and order food from Domino’s or Food Network. You can even book an Uber on command.  

Downsides Of Google Home 

Setting the alarm or making quick calculations are simple tasks with the Google Home around. While the features seem limitless, there are some avenues that Google Home hasn’t reached yet.  

With just a small set of apps that can be controlled using the device, the user has to use the others manually. Sending an email, setting reminders, creating a shopping list, and sending directions to the phone are out of its scope for now.  

While Siri and Alexa are witty and charming, the Google Home is bland in comparison. It does come up with clever responses, but it only seems like it is trying too hard. However, it is friendly and is a perfect fit for the home environment.  

Research has shown that 70% of smartphone users prefer doing tasks by speaking to their device. Google Home can help you do all tasks wherever you are. Technology can contribute to making our lives a lot simpler, and Google Home is a big leap towards the future. 

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