Which Programming Language to Learn First?

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Picking from the myriad of programming languages that exist, it can be difficult to choose one. When you’re a beginner, it’s a simple matter of learning the language that’s the easiest of the lot and moving on to the slightly more complicated ones. That is the best approach to take.

If you want to decide upon which programming language to learn first, then look no further than this list of very simple and popular programming languages. When you’re starting a programming language, it is important that it is widely used and accepted, so that you have an edge by having some knowledge of the language.

Of course, these factors are subject to change, depending on what your primary reason for learning the language is. If you’re learning it strictly for game coding, then you’re better off with C++ or C, both of which aren’t the best beginner languages out there.

But for the sake of simplicity, if you’re picking up programming for web or app development, including back-end programming, then here are two languages you can start with.


Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It is both popular and extremely versatile in its usage. Not to mention that it’s a free and open source, which makes it fun to experiment with. You can pick up Python, try it out with any programming you like, and it gives you immense scope for learning.

Keep in mind that the first language you learn must be simple and easy to remember. And you can’t go wrong with Python. The code lines are small and packed with a huge chunk of information. What makes it popular is your ability to fit lots of instructions in smaller lines of codes.

You will find some polarizing views though and that’s not new. You can go from hating it to loving it in a second, and most others have similar strong feelings for this language. For someone who has never even looked at codes before, Python looks friendly and approachable. It has changed the way that people approach coding and makes it look less intimidating.

You’ll also find that there are many Python tutorials to choose from online. Moreover, because it is open source, you can learn a hundred different ways of coding using Python from a hundred different people.


This is one of the most versatile languages. You’ll know this language from all those Java updates you keep getting on your browser. This is one of the oldest languages of the Internet and that reasons enough for you to pick it up. It makes you think in a way a computer would. And its long life and fanatic community mean that you’ll never be lost.

Any questions you have about Java are already probably answered. Because of the slight challenge it poses, this language is also a great way to build a stable base for yourself to follow up on. Later, you can pick up more challenging and rewarding programming languages.

Some might find it challenging because it is slightly more analytical than Python. But if you have a mind that is slightly more analytical, then you have no reason to cower away.

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