Why Should You Learn Code?

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We all spend copious amounts of time on our devices these days. Nothing is more useful than a humble laptop with a good User Interface (UI) and some pretty graphics to go with it. Steve Jobs has famously said — “Learn to program a computer. It teaches you how to think”.

Software is so much a part of our life that it’s practically running it. Everything from unlocking your car to using your smartphone or playing a game, you’re using programming in one way or another. What reason do you not have to understand the language of computers and use it to your advantage?

Here are some reasons why you should pick up on how to code and program this coming year:

Develop a Structured Thinking

Codes that run your computer and other software are nothing if not structured and orderly. These codes have been laboriously written down so that you can have the comfort of your calculator solving all your algebra problems. When you learn coding, you think like a programmer. Your brain picks up the vital skill of looking at a huge and momentous task at hand and breaking it down such that it’s smaller and simpler to solve. This logical thinking gives rise to creative and spatial solutions to problems.

Multiway Job

Coding seems to be in demand these days, regardless of what field you work in. Everything requires a computer with a working program of sorts. You have much more leverage as an employee if you also know how to change the way a computer works to your favor. The best part about it all is that your brain picks up coding like it would another language; so you’re physically altering your brain to think in a wider sense.

Plentiful Options

Coding exists in so many different ways, that you’re sure to find one that fits your liking. Besides, the best thing about coding is its universality. You do not have to know Spanish to communicate with a Spanish programmer, and that just makes you better at communication in a wholly different way. Pick from Java, HTML, CSS, Python, or a handful of other variations of coding, and once you master them, you’ll have a new sense of control.

Big Data Everywhere

Be it your neighbourhood restaurant or a huge five star hotel, everything and everyone are running on what we call big data. The sheer amount of information being sent and received is mind-boggling and how can we ever accommodate it, let alone process? Coding does all of the heavy lifting for you. SQL and Scala are just two of the many kinds of coding that help you navigate through data like a pro

Digital literacy

Finally, despite everything else, at the end of the day, you will be working alongside technology of some kind. It is important to make sure that your interaction with any AI is smooth and clear, and learning coding will vastly improve your digital literacy—which can only be good for you in any career path.

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